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Three Spent Saints events with stars to coincide with Amazon Prime's short films.

Sunday, Aug. 25 — Los Angeles at Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd., 4 p.m. Free. With author and cult godhead Angie Bowie (reading) backed by Chick Cashman (guitar). Brian Smith (reading from Spent Saints). A screening of three Spent Saints short films by executive producer and series co-writer Maggie Smith.

Friday, September 6 — Tempe/Phoenix at Alamo Drafthouse, 1140 E. Baseline, Tempe, Az., 7 p.m. Free. With punk rock mainman/writer DJ Tom Reardon, Omnivore recording artist Cait Brennan (performing songs from the films). Brian Smith (reading from Spent Saints). Short films directed by Rani DeMuth, Matthew Bradford and Sara Newton. Emceed by series co-writer/exec producer Maggie Rawling Smith.

Saturday, September 7 — Tucson at MOCA, 265 S. Church. 7 p.m. Free. With international rock & roll sensation Kid Congo Powers (The Cramps, Nick Cave, The Gun Club) spins the hits and songwriter/author Dan Stuart (Green on Red) plays tunes. Brian Smith reads from Spent Saints. Emceed by series co-writer/exec producer Maggie Rawling Smith, sceeening several films directed by Sara Newton and Sarah Ledbetter.

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