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Great Tucson Salvage readings/screening at indie bookstores in Asheville and Salisbury, NC

Great living-roomy feel and good turnout for the Tucson Salvage reading/screening tonight at the beautifully curated South Main Book Co in tiny Salisbury, NC. What a literary town. We

learned much about the place, racist secrets, and we were shown a vine-covered hanging tree afterwards—so haunted, strangely beautiful, and frightening. Salisbury-adjacent Statesville was home of a legendary KKK grand dragon and sported the largest membership of any KKK chapter. Salisbury was once called “The Rope Town.” So many living in shame, while the town slowly becomes arts-centric and permissive, cops still murder innocent blacks.

Last night in Asheville, at Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe, went well. Better than expected, and better than my last reading in that town. Feeling more encouraged, and people are reading books. All hail holding books In your hand and the fight-the-fight indie bookstores! Memphis Sunday!

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