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Film based on Spent Saints story at Memphis Film Festival

An 8-minute film based on the short story "Sirens" from Spent Saints is screening at the Memphis Film Fest this weekend. It features the stunning, Gene Clark-ish music of Kenny Tudrick, and was adapted for the screen by me and Maggie Smith and stars Sheesh Meister as Serena. So if you live in Memphis ...

From the co-director, Sarah Ledbetter: " Matteo and I are delighted to announce that SIRENS will be featured in Indie Memphis' 21st Annual Film Festival November 1-5th! We are so thankful for each of your individual creative contributions to this unique film, and for a production and post-production that was peaceful (despite Hurricane Elvis II), productive, and a joy for us as filmmakers."

"Sirens" will screen on Sunday November 4 at 4 p.m. Theatreworks on the Square 2085 Monroe avenue. More short films from Spent Saints are coming in festivals ... Will keep you posted. Also, the feature film ...

Here's a still from the film, the actress Adela Calzada playing the Cassidy character:

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