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Tucson Salvage book review at Anti-Heroin Chic, by poet James Diaz

"How does one even begin to witness another person’s life?

We see others inevitably through the prism of ourselves, all of our experiences, our fuck ups, wrong turns, heart aches, joys, fears and stumbling through the dark, hand searching for a wall that often isn’t there when we need most to lean into something that can hold all of our weight, that can sustain us. To understand suffering, one must. And survival, anyone living can speak to that, but the height of the climb and the fall has a hell of a lot to do with circumstance beyond one’s control, geography, neighborhood, the care one got or failed to get right out of the gate. Some go out into the desert with a pack full of new gear, others don’t even have the shoes for the journey." Continue reading here.

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