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Tucson Salvage - Tales and Recollections from La Frontera book launch, London, Tucson & Phoenix

Here's the first leg of appearances for my new book columns and essays, Tucson Salvage - Tales and Recollection from La Frontera and the beautiful documentary it spawned, directed with mad aplomb the lovely, smart Maggie Smith. (The only way to see this doc is to come to the readings, or, perhaps, upcoming film fests). The London book launch is Oct. 24 (The day the book drops there) and a few other UK readings/screenings. Then it's Tucson on November 3 at the Loft Cinema (free!) at 4 p.m. with some of my fave writers and singers, including Amy Silverman, Margaret Regan, Jesse Sensibar and songwriter Lawrence Zubia. We'll do a Phoenix book launch on Nov. 11 at the Valley Bar with music by my violinist brother Barry Smith and the fab Cait Brennan and a reading by the tireless pensman Jason Patrick Woodbury. The first leg of dates are below. In January we're picking up again, going to Detroit, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Fran, New York City (reading with the mighty Puma Perl), Memphis, Nashville and others. The book comes out stateside early November in stores but we'll have copies at all the events. There's a new website where all future tour dates will be posted. Thanks to everyone who preordered from the publisher store (Eyewear Publishing UK), it helped with all the dates. You should have your copies before anyone, I'm hoping. Thank you for showing any interest at all.

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